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Online solutions are omnipresent and digital devices are dominating our landscape. Digital solutions and technology provide us with ease, efficiency and connectedness. On the other side, it can also affect us negatively. The excessive use of computers and smartphones may lead to feelings of stress and pressure, at all ages. So, with digital increasingly taking part in our lives, there’s a need to balance the use of digital technology.

How can we create a digital balance that will be part of our lives? What is needed to fulfil the needs and pains of various generations? And who should be involved in this movement? We took up this challenge together with VodafoneZiggo.

VodafoneZiggo takes a stance in the digital debate

As a provider of digital services, content, and online applications, VodafoneZiggo has put this topic high on the agenda. Jeroen Hoenkamp, the CEO of VodafoneZiggo, is “fearing for a future where the human connection is missing” (Trouw). VodafoneZiggo wants to stimulate various stakeholders to take responsibility and be involved in a continuous debate about ‘the digital balance’.

Co-create digital balance

We organised a Treehouse workshop with various experts, from futurologists to academics, digital and media specialists to discuss how we might balance the future. The conceptual ideas which were developed were presented and rated in the evening during a dinner with about 50 major stakeholders from different industries and governmental bodies (read more about the DigiDiner here).

We found that the first step towards achieving a balanced future was increasing the level of awareness on the importance of balancing online with offline behaviour. Also, digital etiquette is a must when it comes to using digital solutions in a social environment as well as when it comes to online behaviour.

We have just started…

The debate does not stop here. VodafoneZiggo founded the Future Society together with DFFRNT Media to continue open dialogue about various subjects in the field of technology and its relation to society.

Interested in more about this topic? Read this article about humane technology by our colleague Martijn Catz, who is part of FutureSociety.


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