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What is a big data workflow?

Big data are big. They reside in data lakes, that grow while we speak. To work with these huge amounts of data, one simple tool is not enough. You need a series of tools. This series of tools is used in a fixed sequence. That is a big data workflow.

Big data workflow are available on the market as a commercial product, but an organization can also decide to setup its own. In this way, companies can combine tools in the workflow to best suit their data and their company goals. The tools can be open-source tools, commercially available or custom build.

Our challenge: from a program to an engine

Telecommunications industries own huge amounts of data. They are infused with the potential of these data. And they want to use this data for the better. Finding a central agreement across an organization to use the same tools is very beneficial. If all experts work with the same tools, exchange of insights and learnings becomes easier and the overall quality and efficiency of the group increases.

The central team we work with has developed a high-quality workflow, ready to roll out.

It seems simple. But technical objections, beliefs and inertia often stand in the way. How to overcome those obstacles? They asked us.

Global online Co-Creation to increase traction

Through a series of online user interviews and co-creation workshops, we reach a great new level of insight beyond the team. User interviews are an inherent component of our work. It helps everyone involved to stay true to the audience and deliver a focussed strategy.

When we host Co-creation workshops, our methods shine. We belief the answer lies within the team. In this case, through the support of experts in big data, data analysis, digitalization - both from a working level and strategic positions - new energy is infused into the group. Opportunities are identified and created upon.

Fueled with technical and strategic insights, we synthesized the input for our client into a hands-on strategy, identifying 6 tracks to take immediate action. Because the team has been involved in the process, the strategy is received with recognition and approval by the leadership.


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