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Making rental houses more sustainable through a coalition driven by Rabobank

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How to make the Dutch housing market more sustainable? Making the right decisions to make your house more sustainable can be tough. Should I isolate, or should I invest in solar panels? At this moment there is a strong need for clarity and guidance when it comes to making your own home more sustainable. Because no single party offers the entire package.

A coalition to offer the entire package

Based on interviews we formed a coalition of several parties to unite forces and expertise to come up with solutions for our challenge during a three day fast-track. The coalition consisted of Rabobank – our main client – and several large companies in energy, housing and sustainability.  Together with this committed “coalition of the willing”, we co-created a joint solution.

Take away Insecurity & Hassle

If a homeowner decides to completely disconnect from gas, but his/her neighbours decide to get a collective heat plan from the municipality; is that single homeowner really making the most sustainable decision? The link between the plans for a neighbourhood and the consequences for an individual household – and a street – is currently not being made. Providing more insight into how these dimensions are interconnected has many advantages. For example it offers a clearer image of the so called ‘’no regret measures’’; the measures you can take as a homeowner that will have a positive Return On Investment (ROI).


Throughout the fast track we developed a prototype of a possible solution. A new platform where homeowners are offered a specific “road map” that indicates which investments they can undertake to make their homes more sustainable. In addition, the roadmap provides specific advice for no regret measures for your neighbourhood and offers a new payment solution.

We validated our prototype with homeowners during the fast-track. One of the homeowners said: ‘’It’s great that the tool adapts to your personal situation with your own step-by-step plan.” The coalition presented the developed prototype during a CEO event, where all involved parties signed an intention to pilot (parts) of the developed proposition.

Want to know more or become involved, let us know!

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